71E-4-R-44-1 - Sea Monster

Entity #-ABC: 71E-4-R-44-1

Level of Danger: 100%

71 Entity Regarding Containment: We do not yet contain this 71E-4-R-44-1. If and when we do, this 71E-4-R-44-1 will be contained in a 150m X 150m X 130m X 130m tungsten box with 100 volt electrical walls. It is crucial that there are no exit points for 71E-4-R-44-1 to escape through. Construction of this containment cell started on ██/██/████, and will likely cost around $██████.██.

About 71E Documented:

71E-4-R-44-1 is a large sea creature, about 140m in length, and 120m in width.

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