Entity #-ABC: 71E-C-8-616

Level of Danger: 0% (while cursed)

71 Entity Regarding Containment: 71E-C-8-616 is currently cursed to lurk only the darkest bottoms of the deepest seas, staying away from humanity. It could also be scared shitless because of how fucked up we are; so fucked, in fact, that even the monsters that lurk beneath the abyssal depths below are afraid of us.

About 71E Documented: 71E-C-8-616 is a massive aquatic entity varying in appearance depending on its environmental circumstances. The entity is highly adaptive and everyone agrees that it's scary as fuck no matter its current adaption.

71E-C-8-616 is capable of initiating tsunamis solely by its movement. But, because humanity is so fucked, it's too scared to even move. In fact, I don't think we even have to curse this thing. I don't think it'll ever want to come up. What, with our pornography, twisted hobbies, materialistic lives, and brainwashed minds, who wouldn't be scared of us land dwellers?

The problem is, everyone gets over their fears eventually. We can't stay scary forever. Soon, 71E-C-8-616 will realize just how much more powerful it is compared to us and will truly demolish us.

Or it's actually just a bunch of seaweed that wrapped around my leg the last time I was at the beach and scared the shit out of me. I think it's the first entity that I described, but even if it wasn't, everyone agrees that seaweed touching your legs is a horrid enough experience that it might as well be considered an evil entity out to get us.

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