acker truth

Item #: 71E-XXXX

Special containment procedures: 71E-XXXX is to be contained in a steel box heated to 270 degrees Celsius. 71E-XXXX must always be under 24-7 surveillance this is subject to change due to order of manager of site ██.In case of containment breach 71E-XXXX is to be recanted 5-8 foot steel warp proof cage heated to 150 degrees celsius as to discourage 71E-XXXX from breaching.

Description : 71E-XXXX is a humanoid entity approximately 2 meters tall and weighs 157 pounds. 71E-XXXX is composed of mainly water while traces of █████ have been found.
71E-XXXX is a humanoid silhouette made out of mainly liquids. 71E-XXXX has few organs to speak of only █████,██████, and █████ all of which are surrounded in water SCP-XXXXwas found in (DATA EXPUNGED) Germany.

71E-XXXX seems to understand
All basic language.SCP-XXXXc████ and drinks everybody that touches SCP-XXXX’s body (water) let's call them SCP-XXXX-1. 71E-XXXX drinks SCP-XXXX-1 via (DATA EXPUNGED) then proceeds to drink SCP-XXXX-1.

Addendum: XXXX-1 71E-XXXX no longer must be under 24-7 surveillance voted 5-7

Addendum:XXXX-2 due to incednt-A 71E-XXXX under no circumstance should SCP-XXXX
Not be under surveillance.

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