71E-3-R-33-R: Hello…

Canline Lary: Hi.

Canline Lary: So, what would you prefer to be called this session?

71E-3-R-33-R: *Deep gurgling for about five minutes* Celestial…

Canline Lary: Okay… So, uh… Celestial, do you know anything about um… uh… *flipping through papers* 71E-N-07-Y-0-U?

71E-3-R-33-R: Who the hell is 71E-N-07-Y-0-U?

Canline Lary: Well, we don’t know exactly, he’s a 71E like you… That’s about all we, uhhhh… know.

71E-3-R-33-R: Well then *deep mumbling* Canline Lary, no I do not…

Canline Lary: What about the broom?

71E-3-R-33-R: No…

Canline Lary: 71E-6009?

71E-3-R-33-R: [INFORMATION DELETED BY Roberts Callop].

71E-3-R-33-R sinked into a pile of 71E-6009 for two months straight* (Please read Important Note-3r-b for relation)

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