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Entity Number: XXXX

Habitat: Most commonly Level 4, and Level 7 but it has appeared elsewhere.


Entity XXXX, also known as the Parasitic Paint, is a type of strange paint that spreads throughout the walls of a level. We do not currently know what this paint is made of. Entity XXXX is also acidic to human tissues, e.g epithelial tissue, nervous tissues, and muscle tissues. The color of the paint seems to vary between levels and areas. It has been advised that you do not touch this paint without proper gear. If you do, find an exit to The Hub and seek medical attention immediately for amputation.


An image of Entity XXXX taken by someone named "Mr. Vindix"


Entity XXXX spreads across walls in a way similar to that of bacterial colonies, this was pointed out by an unnamed explorer. When Entity XXXX touches the human tissues listed above, it will start to spread all around your body from the point of contact. It will slowly eat away at these tissues. If you can make it to medical attention fast enough, the parts of your body that were affected by this entity will be removed immediately. If you do not, it will eat away at you, leaving behind nothing but bones and cartilage. Entity XXXX is not attracted to any living organism in particular, but does spread across drywall, concrete, brick, wood, and other paints. It does not spread to floors or over lights.


Parasitic Paint is a paint of varying colors. It is usually found in splotches around particularly moldy areas. It is an extremely acidic substance when in contact with certain living organism tissue. Although it is referred to as Parasitic Paint, it is not a living organism like all parasites. It moves around in coordinated ways but is not fully sentient.

"It's alive, but it ain't living ".


Entity XXXX was discovered in 5/21/2019, after many reports of a "change in wall color" were investigated, and brought to a conclusion.

Do's and Dont's:


  • Avoid touching hallways of varying colors.
  • Stay away.
  • Report infected area to disinfectant staff.


  • Interact with Parasitic Paint.
  • Leave the knowledge of the area to yourself.
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